Custom Composed Wedding Ceremony Music



In the house of lovers, the music never stops, the walls are made of songs, and the floor dances.
- Rumi

We've all experienced the magic that music can bring to any moment. Maybe it's the soundtrack to the first kiss you shared. Or the jam that gets you both up and dancing no matter what kind of day it's been. Music moves us, changes us...and makes us feel magical.

Still, maybe you haven't thought too much about what kind of impact an entire day of music made just for you could have on this next step in your journey together.

But here's what we've learned: Long after they remember who sat where or how the cake tasted on their big day, couples recall the breathlessness of that first dance. They feel the excitement in the melody that accompanied the walk down the aisle. Music unlocks those memories in a way no other force in the universe can.

Photo: Half Acre House

We created Abiding Harmony because we believe music deserves a place of honor in every wedding ceremony. Here's what that means to us:

Original Wedding Themes                          Keepsakes to treasure for as long      composed just for you                                           as you both shall live

Exceptional sound design and                    Crystal clear audio and elegant gear    production that speaks for itself                              

our musical mission: an unforgettable experience with every note



by Bill Hawkins Finn

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We'd love to chat with you about how Abiding Harmony can help uniquely accent your special day. Please feel free to call or email either of us to set up a meeting at our studio in Northeast Minneapolis

Bill Hawkins Finn
Composer | Music Production

Todd Smith
Live Production | Sound Design