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Extraordinary ceremony experiences are about more than which venue you choose, how the dress will look, or how stunning the flower arrangement is going to be.  It's about celebrating YOU, and making sure every attendee can share in the emotion and feeling of the experience together.   


"Not only was the custom written music performed exactly to our specifications but the sound quality was pristine, even though the ceremony was outside!"


"It was an absolutely beautiful and incredibly moving piece for the procession, and a perfectly joyful and lovely recessional. You were able to express it so amazingly!!”

"Abiding Harmony wrote us a custom string melody for our grand entrance. They incorporated influences from our favorite artists, and it was so amazing to hear!"


"You guys are the best! That was amazing! Linnea was so surprised! I can’t believe you were able to pull off that scene from Love Actually. We can't wait to watch the video"


This isn't just hitting play on a Spotify playlist.  This is collaborating with Abiding Harmony to create a love song truly unique to you. We love weaving melodies and rhythms from the songs you love into an original piece that reflects your one-of- a-kind style. We can’t imagine doing it any other way.


One-of-a-kind Love Song


Picture your friends and family taking their seats, surrounded by the soundtrack you helped
define and create. They might not realize that what they’re hearing has been written especially
for this moment. All they know is they’re sharing in a sense of connectedness they can’t quite
explain.  That’s because they’re experiencing something profound on a level that words just can’t reach.
You’ve given them no less than a gift they’ll carry with them for the rest of their lives.


Exceptional Sound Design


Your celebration is just the beginning of a beautiful life together. But we want to give you a way
to the magic of that day with a few rare treasures …First, you’ll get a live audio recording of your ceremony. We’ll also curate a studio-quality mix of your original wedding themes, so you can listen and share them with your guests as mementos.  Finally, you’ll receive a hand-scripted page from the original score of your special love song.


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