About Us

Abiding Harmony is the combined efforts of audio specialist, Todd Smith, and composer/Producer, Bill Finn.


The story of Bill and Todd dates back to 2005. . . (Bill) “We first met while attending school at the McNally Smith College of Music - I was working towards a bachelors degree in guitar performance and Todd was studying to be a live sound engineer. After a couple of chance meetings and opportunities to work together we quickly formed a strong connection. Even though our relationship has struggled through the ups and downs we all face in life our friendship has continued to grow. We have both been professionals in our selected fields in the music industry since our days in college, and have been working/collaborating together in some capacity ever since”.

(Todd) “The idea for Abiding Harmony sprung in the summer of 2015 while we were at our good friends Kevin and Jodi’s wedding in Kauai. As a side gig Bill had been composing original music for special occasions - mostly for family/friends - and had put together a piece to perform at Kev’s wedding. As trying to run sound and perform had proven to be quite the task, I offered to help. After the ceremony I looked at Bill and said: “I think we’re on to something here . . . why don’t we combine forces and help create extremely personal wedding ceremony for couples?”.

(Bill) “After almost 2 years of planning, brainstorming and testing our idea to prove its value and work out the kinks Abiding Harmony was officially launched in January of 2017. We have since worked tirelessly to refine our strategy, making our services available to any couple who values this once in a lifetime declaration of love to one another as much as we do. We believe it is vital that every person attending wedding ceremonies should share in the magic of the moment together, and we are here to give the ceremony the sonic attention it deserves”.

As the production manager of AH, Todd says: “With Abiding Harmony I want people to realize the magic great sound can bring to their special day. I also know what a great recording can do for a moment in time, and I love giving people a chance to feel that sense of connectedness”. As the music specialist/composer of AH, Bill says “I strongly believe that humans are musical species. Music moves us, changes … and makes us feel magical ourselves. I can’t imagine loving anything in this world as much as I love giving couples the gift of music”.


We’ve all experienced the magic that music can bring to any moment. Maybe it’s the soundtrack to the first kiss you shared. Or the jam that gets you both up and dancing no matter what kind of day it’s been. Music moves us, changes us … and makes us feel magical ourselves.