I love my job... which is basically writing music all day! - and the occasional amazon flex delivery :)  I've been working with notes for as long as I can remember, and it never gets old.  Whether I'm arranging tunes for ensembles, recording creepy synth tracks for horror shorts, or sitting with a piece of manuscript trying to figure out the next bass line for my funk band.  I can't get enough!  

With Abiding Harmony, I don't get to just write music.  I get to meet all kinds of amazing people, talk about music, learn about their story, and create something truly unique to them.  I gotta say, it doesn't get much better than that.

When I'm not working you can find me searching for agates, paddle boarding, cooking delicious vegan food, trying to golf, or spending time with family and friends; cause in the end, what else do we have?!?


I came to Minnesota over 15 years ago in search of a dream - a dream to become a live sound engineer.  I love helping artists and clients turn their work into an atmosphere of sound that leaves the audience feeling exhilarated, inspired, and connected to the experience.  It's all I know, and it's it what I do best.  

With Abiding Harmony, I want people to realize the magic great sound can bring to their special day.  I know what a great recording can do for a moment in time, and I love giving people a chance to feel that sense of connectedness.  It is an extraordinary feeling watching a bride light up when she hears her very own love song - and it never gets old!

Aside from AH, my days are spent with my amazing, adorable daughter Maebel, my incredible wife Jacy, two dogs, and gigantic cat Tess.  I also love a good round of golf (frisbee or stick), BBQ's, or sitting out in the sun on lake Minnetonka.