Why Ceremony Production Is So Important for a Wedding

We’ve all attended wedding ceremonies where there has been an issue with the sound; whether you’re straining to hear the vows or wondering why the music just cut out, you’ve most likely experienced it. You might not even be thinking about the production value, but we believe it’s important that all of your attendees are able to hear the most intimate moments at your ceremony.  

From the moment you hire Abiding Harmony you can be assured that we will handle any and all sound related concerns. Our goal is to produce the ceremony to make it the memorable and connected moment it was meant to be, and eliminate any stress related to the sound and music for your big day.


dedication to Every Detail

 We guarantee memorable ceremony experiences and detail the production needs from start to finish; this is why our process starts way in advance of the wedding day. We work closely with venues, connect with couples early in their planning, and collaborate with their planners to get ahead of all the details. We like to attend rehearsals to meet with the officiant/family/readers and discuss the order of events. This helps to facilitate a smooth ceremony flow and alleviates any stress related to the production of a wedding ceremony.  

professional sound technicians

We are devoted to handling any and all audio needs or issues that may arise during the ceremony; this is why we provide two professional and experienced sound engineers. Our top of the line audio package was designed specifically for wedding ceremonies and includes everything needed to ensure every word spoken and every note played will be heard clearly.

Music management

Whether playing songs via a playlist, hiring a live ensemble or commissioning our composer to create an original and inspired piece of music, we are equipped to handle anything.  Knowing ahead of time how each unique venue reacts to amplified sound and what music will be played when, we promise clear and smooth musical transitions throughout the ceremony.  


Our gear matched with the experience of our sound technicians is what truly sets us apart

Hear what couples are saying about Abiding Harmony

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“No one had complaints about being able to hear our vows and even the little nuances between my wife and I were heard clearly. AH did an amazing job making our ceremony stress free.”


“Abiding Harmony provided an extremely memorable experience. I've never heard such clear sound at an outdoor ceremony, I would highly recommend this service.”


I'm so excited to hear the recordings and see the score! We really think you did a lovely job and are so thankful to have met you and to have had you as a part of our wedding!”

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“You guys are the best! Linnea was so surprised! It's truly amazing how much better the atmosphere was at our ceremony compared to other weddings that we have attended.”


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