#2: Original Music, Written Just for Me??


Here's an interesting thought.  Music can be heard absolutely everywhere, almost all of the time.  Right?  Whether you take that to mean that you hear it on the radio in your car, in restaurants, bars, grocery stores, waiting in line at Best Buy, blaring from that girls phone on the bus, live concerts, troubadours in the street (and the list goes on), or that music literally is heard "in" everything - meaning one can hear the sounds of music in nature; in everyday instances - you know, harmony of the spheres type shit. Like the rhythms created by lapping waves on a beach or produced by your car tires bumping over freeway cracks when you're driving 60mph, or the various intervals produced from a group of migrating geese or a passing train whistle.  Music.  Who doesn't love music?  Listen to it almost every day . . .  When you ask somebody "whats your favorite song?" or "who is your favorite band?", how often do you get the response "ahh, I don't much care for music"? .... Exactly.  Pretty much never.

Music has that mysterious power to tug at your heart strings. We all seem to have this special, indescribable bond with music that is extremely personal.  And yet, couples seem to routinely leave their choices for "what songs are we going to have at our ceremony?" as an afterthought.   When it comes down to it, couples will often ask a DJ to play songs through his system, or have a family member or friend sing or play piano.  Well, here's another couple of thoughts:

Stop looking for a "ceremony playlist"

Stop listening to 5 seconds of songs you know you won't like

Stop settling for an ipod playing your favorite songs


Instead, why not have a professional composer put together a special love song written just for you?  Some one who can take bits from your favorite music and songs together, use numbers and ideas from your unique story together, and weave them into an original piece that reflects your one-of-a-kind style.  Music has that mysterious power to tug at your heart strings. We all seem to have this special, indescribable bond with music that is extremely personal.

When you're planning your big day, don't think of the music as an afterthought; don't settle!  Remember how important a role music has played in your life.  All the tough moments it has helped get you through.  Think of those moments when you hear a song on the radio that immediately takes you to a memory you didn't even know you remembered.   Because long after you remember who sat where or how the cake tasted, you'll always remember the breathlessness of that first dance.  You'll feel the excitement in the melody that accompanied your walk down the aisle.  Music unlocks those memories in a way no other force in the universe can.

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