Bill Hawkins Finn, Composer and Co-Creator of Abiding Harmony
A prolific composer with more than 15 years of experience, Bill’s recent work includes original music for the short films, Television pilots, and a lot of working composing for weddings!  He loves the challenge that comes with composing music, no matter what the medium.
Bill earned his Bachelor of Music degree in 2006, followed by a graduate diploma in Music Composition from the University of Leeds School of Music (London), where he graduated with honors in 2011.  “After all this study and work, I still feel like a novice,” says Bill, who got his start as a guitar-playing singer/songwriter.  "I want our clients to realize just how much music can impact their wedding ceremony", he says.  "We all know how a film score can drastically change the mood of a film, but what I can't wait to see is when people start to appreciate how that same concept can apply to one the biggest moments of their lives".

Todd Mitchel Smith, Engineer and Co-Creator of Abiding Harmony
As a live sound engineer, Todd loves helping artists and clients turn their work into an atmosphere of sound that leaves the audience feeling exhilarated, inspired and connected to the experience. Todd has served as Production Manager at McNally Smith College of Music since 20XX. He has also freelanced countless gigs with artists such as Prince at venues in and around the Twin Cities.  He continues to run sound for many top local wedding bands, including Bluewater Kings and
A tireless student of his craft, Todd has mixed and recorded music in nearly every genre, from solo piano to film scores played by chamber orchestras. After graduating from McNally Smith College of Music in 2006, Todd set out to work in as many different live sound environments as he could find. This approach gave him the opportunities he needed to build a career fueled by passion and creativity. “I want people to realize the magic great sound can bring to their special day,” he says. “I know what a great recording can do for a moment in time, and I love giving people a chance to feelthat sense of connectedness.”