We aren't for Everyone . . .

but We'd like to take the time to share a bit about us and get to know you


Bill Hawkins Finn, Composer and Co-Creator of Abiding Harmony


When I was a kid I was absolutely drawn to music, and for some reason it always came natural to me.  There was something about it that resonated with my soul, and resonates louder now than ever.  I am fortunate to say that my days mostly consists of teaching, writing, performing, and talking about music.  I've been working with notes for as long as I can remember, and I still wake up every day excited at the fact that I am musician.  The best part is I will never stop learning and trying to better my craft as a composer, and as the co-founder of Abiding Harmony, I've stumbled into some of the most fulfilling musical experiences yet.      

With Abiding Harmony, I don't get to just compose music.  I get to work with and meet all sorts amazing people,  learn about their unique story, talk about music, then go off and create something exclusive and truly special to them.  To be honest, it doesn't get much better than that.  Whether I am composing a wedding march with an Alan Sylvestri style flare, a recessional that the couple can dance away together to, or writing a love song as an anniversary gift 10 years down the line.  Giving couples a piece of music that represents their love together that they then get to cherish for years to come is something I couldn't be more excited about.

Away from Abiding Harmony I can be found composing for film/TV, searching for agates, paddle boarding, cooking delicious vegan food, or spending time with family and friends; cause in the end, what else do we have?!? 


Todd Mitchel Smith, Engineer and Co-Creator of Abiding Harmony


When I moved to Minnesota from Kentucky in 2005, I was a determined 21 year old looking for a new path in life. It was only about 6 months prior to moving when I had this revelation that I wanted to work in live production. Not only help artists reinforce their ideas but to also provide audiences with the same exhilarating experiences that I had felt at the hundreds of concerts/events that I had attended up to that point. It’s that same driving force that has carried me through to today and what also led to the creation of Abiding Harmony.

Abiding Harmony has given me a chance to use my skills to bring people together and truly connect them with a moment. It allows me to bring the same passion and expertise to weddings that I would to a concert being attended by thousands of people. My favorite part of live production is the moment when I look out and every single person in the audience is mesmerized by what they are witnessing. Connecting people to moments is what Abiding Harmony is all about.

Away from Abiding Harmony my life consists of being a husband to my insanely hard-working  wife, Jacy, being a dad to my wild-child, Maebel, and trying to keep track of my two Norwegian Elkhounds, Remi and Sami, and our massive Maine Coon, Tess. Being kind and welcoming to all people on earth, no matter race, sexual orientation, religion, etc. is my key to a happy life.